The TAP Challenge

What is the TAP challenge? Well let me first explain what TAP is, TAP stands for Travelers Against Plastic. A non-profit that encourages travelers and tour operators to travel more sustainably by simply traveling with a reusable water bottle. Wildland Adventures is a co-founder of TAP and a strong believer in creating sustainable travel options that leave little or no impact on the destinations we visit. As travelers we have a global responsibility to protect the people, places and cultures we visit. There are thousands of ways we can all live a more sustainable lifestyle, but it all starts with the right habits. One simple way to start is by always using a reusable bottle, when you travel and while at home. It just makes sense! I think in just a couple of years people are going to look back and wonder what the heck were we thinking wasting all of our natural resources and polluting the ones we had left.

That's why I came up with the TAP Challenge, for me the TAP Challenge will be not using any single-use water bottles during my two week trip to Morocco. To accomplish this goal I will be bringing a Steripen to treat my water and a 64oz Klean Kanteen TAP bottle. I'm headed to Morocco for the Inaugural Artisan themed tourism circuits in the Medina of Fez. Once there I will be meeting with Morocco's Ministry of Tourism and several local operators. After the two day event I will be traveling around Morocco for 10 days with local guides, making new connections and searching for the hidden gems Morocco has to offer. I will also be sharing my progress with the challenge and photos/video from my adventures during my trip. Make sure you follow us on facebook to catch all the updates. Another bonus is I will be bringing back a special souvenir for one lucky person to win, maybe two if I have room in my bag... All you need to do is be subscribed to our newsletter, I'll randomly choose one person and announce it in our May newsletter.

For me this challenge will be a two-week expedition through the Sahara Desert, but for you maybe the challenge is starting to bring a usable water bottle with you to work or to the gym. Whatever you decide, I recommend giving yourself a challenge this Earth Day.

Make the TAP pledge your Earth Day resolution! Take the TAP Pledge

Your friendly adventurer,

Jonathan Burnham
Got questions about TAP or travel to Morocco? Ask Me!

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