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Top 10 Travel Picks for 2018


Whether you want to explore the coffee strewn hilltops of Colombia or you want to give back on our Conservation Trip to Zimbabwe, we have new trips and classic trips that will delight your spirit for adventure and satisfy your desire for meaningful interactions and connections with other cultures. Enjoy our team's top 10 travel picks for 2018:

Celebrating Colombia in 2018

We've been exploring all around Colombia and are excited to announce new trips to Colombia in 2018! From the snowcapped Andean peaks to coffee-strewn hilltops, dense Amazon jungle, and the sun-toasted Caribbean beaches, Colombia is a boon of diverse landscapes, cultures, and adventures. View Trips to Colombia

New Zimbabwe Conservation Safari

Peace and prosperity are spreading in Zimbabwe as the people celebrate Mugabe's departure. 2018 is a historic time to visit Zimbabwe and a great time to give back on our Zimbabwe Conservation safari. Make your plans early as space is already filling up fast. View Trips to Zimbabwe

Why We're Crazy About Croatia

The turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea, time-worn cobblestone alleys, ancient ramparts, dramatic mountains, rivers, and waterfalls of Croatia are still vastly unexplored and offers travelers a diverse range of activities and meaningful connections with locals. Read Article or View Trips to Croatia

Colorful Cuba

Cuba has always been a hot topic in our political history and now more than ever, with current US State Department travel warnings. Here's why we believe it's safe and why it's a better time than ever to visit Cuba. Read Article or View Trips to Cuba

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda & Rwanda

Making the trek deep into the jungle to see gorillas has never been easier with new luxury lodges like Bisate Lodge in Rwanda. Uganda has also lowered their permit fees for 2018, making it the best year ever to see gorillas. View Trips to See Gorillas

Quest For The Snow Leopard

2018 is the year to celebrate the elusive snow leopard; it was just removed from the endangered species list! Join us on this exclusive, once-a-year journey, where you'll trek through the Himalayas in search of the snow leopard and immerse yourself in the local nature and culture. View Itinerary 

Hiking is Hot in Southeast Asia

Whether it's hiking through vibrant rice terraces in Laos or walking through the evergreen forests of Khao Yai National Park in Thailand, more and more travelers want to be active as they explore and Southeast Asia offers just that. View our Thailand & Cambodia Overland Explorer trip or Traversing the Northern Highlands of Indochina trip if you want to get active in Southeast Asia. 

Chile is Trending in 2018

Chile was recently named the top country to visit in 2018 and we couldn't agree more. From the Atacama Desert to the spires of Patagonia, Chile spans over half of South America and boasts a tremendous amount of cultural and geographical diversity. Read Article or View Trips to Chile

Travel to Brazil is Easier than Ever

If you've dreamed of experiencing the overwhelming vastness of the rainforest or exploring the sun-soaked beach of Copacabana to the upbeat notes of the Samba, then 2018 is your time to visit Brazil. A Brazil E-Visa can now be applied for online, with a 72-hour turn around time, making travel to Brazil easier than ever. Read Article or View Trips to Brazil 

New Mount Ausangate Trek in Peru

Experience the mystical power of Machu Picchu and Mt. Ausangate on a lodge to lodge trek past hanging glaciers, azure lakes, and isolated Quechua communities herding alpacas and llamas on the highland altiplano. Ausangate is a challenging high-elevation trek ideal for experienced hikers who prefer to get off the beaten path. View Itinerary

For more information on any of these trips or destinations don't hesitate to give us a call! 800-345-4453

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