Travelers Gone Wild on Our Wines and Adventures in Argentina

Anybody who signs up for wines and adventures in Argentina has got to be fun traveler...and did we have fun traveling together! Following are pics of our group, guides and a few friends we encountered along the way...
Our beloved grandam of the group, Rosemarie celebrated her birthday our last night together and received a handmade traveler's greeting card from all her fans.

Cindy, who traveled with us in Peru five years ago, models a beautiful poncho from Salta at our stop on the Road of the Artisans. 

Richard traveled throughout Patagonia for over a month doing a lot of fishing and exploring around before he concluded his South American adventure by joining our wine and gastronomy tour at the start of the trip in Mendoza. 

Our lead guide in Salta, Alejandro (right), skilled driver Sebastian (center) and assistant guide (left).

Colleen shares her knowledge with the rest of the group and gives us an exceptionally interesting and graphic impromptu field course in the geology of the Andes.

Jale content with her new fav wine, Torrontes.

Salta guide, Alejandro, was so excited to introduce his fiance to our group! 

David Arista of Arista Wine Cellars in repose at the Chicheria. 
Ruth Arista busy posting another entry to her blog. 

Gaby and Duke, seasoned Wildland travelers who took their daughter all over the world, now enjoying more Wildland Adventures as empty nesters.
Guide Victor prepares to pour the vino!
Eve and guide Jorge make another toast!
Scott and Julie share the love of family and every precious moment of traveling together with friends.
Jorge's wife and daughter joined us for lunch at the Casa de Jamon.
Kurt and Anne Kutay together with our lead guide Jorge hiking in Purmamarca.
Victor Ramirez, our driver extraordinaire throughout Mendoza. We were the first group in his brand new bus.His other bus driver friends gathered around in awe when he dropped us off at the airport to fly to Salta.
Wanna join the fun next time? Call us at 1-800-345-4453 about our Wines and Adventures in Argentina or about our plans for Wines and Wildlife of Africa in 2015!

keeping it wild,

Kurt Kutay
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