Traveling Women - International Women's Day

At Wildland Adventures, we strongly believe that travel is not a luxury so much as a human right. Maybe even an obligation to be a good, informed world citizen. And I believe, as a woman, that may be even more true for our sex. I have traveled solo the majority of my life time on the road. Sometimes that raises eyebrows, but more often than not I see it as an advantage. People open up more to a woman, you’re welcomed inside and trusted more readily. Why? While I may have ideas, I can’t definitively answer that. But I’m thankful for it! 

The women I meet – especially those in very male-dominated cultures – are incredibly curious about my life and want to know how and why I came to be traveling alone, “With no husband??” Unbelievable!! I like to think it moves them to question the status quo just a bit more. Children are fascinated by a woman alone, and they, too, share their thoughts and questions more easily. We are less threatening, believed (rightly or wrongly) to be automatically kind and nurturing. Being a woman, I believe, allows entry to far more intimate family life and circles, and we come away much richer for that free pass.
your friendly traveling chica,
Sherry Howland
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