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Foodie Paradise and Trekking in Patagonia

Foodie Paradise and Trekking in Patagonia
Barbara and Dennis just returned from our Hiker's Patagonia trip and, as they are foodies, we set up a special culinary tour in Buenos Aires at the end for them. Touring Buenos Aires from a gastronomic standpoint is such great a way to connect with the city from a different, more local view and an awesome way to immerse yourself in Argentina's culture and rich history. Ultiamtely, who doesn’t want to meet locals and visit their favorite hot spots for delicious food and wine while in Argentina?!
"Every single guide was great. Truly, we had fun with all and felt all were professional and enthusiastic. We really enjoyed time with the guides as we could really pick their brains about the areas, culture, society, etc. None disappointed and it really helps to get the feel of an area when you can spend a lot of time with someone who is open, intelligent and informed. All were.
The trip was great; our ending in Buenos Aires with Ginette was awesome!! The food experience with Ginette Casanovas in BA was wonderful: the closed door supper club at Casa Felix very good, but the next day with Ginette even better!"
Ask me about our food and wine centered trips to Argentina and Chile for your next adventure to Patagonia!

Wildest Regards,
Gretchen Traut
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