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Trip Cancellation Insurance | Why You Need It

There are far more scintillating subjects to blog about than trip cancellation insurance…but probably none so important to the welfare of your travels and quality of your sleep! This was demonstrated in a devastating manner earlier this year when two Wild travelers to Antarctica were forced to cancel 4 days before boarding the expedition ship, but had purchased only the minimum insurance to guarantee medical evacuation. That was a costly - $24,000 – gamble, that was not covered and considered a complete loss.
Our Polar expeditions have a MANDATORY insurance requirement which all passengers on our Antarctic or Arctic expeditions are required to sign off on, and the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador are also considering a requirement of proof of health coverage and medical evacuation. Various other Wildland destinations – Africa, etc - have requirements of varying stringency, but the previously mentioned Antarctica cancellation made a true believer out of me! 

No one enjoys spending the additional money to cover a contingency that may or may not happen. No one plans to have a medical emergency only days before the trip of a lifetime. Yet, these things are a part of life. Make life easier for yourselves, breathe easier, ask us about insurance, follow up and protect your investment and your health! ​

Keeping it wild,

Sherry Howland

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