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Turkey: Where East Meets West, Past Meets Future

It was 22 years ago here in Turkey when my local guide, Alper Ertubey, and I declared we would establish a partnership to bring Wildland travelers closer to the people and the places of Turkey. I wanted our travelers to experience Turkiye like I remember it when I came here in the late 60's to stay with my aunts and uncles who lived on the Asian side of the Bosphorus. Dad was born in Istanbul in 1922 into the generation of "Young Turks" when Attaturk established the new parliamentary democracy after the Ottoman Empire. Although I was raised in Los Angeles, we came here several times when I was in high school to stay with relatives in their apartment at a time with Turkey was still closed to much of the world to protect its fledgling economy. Oh how it has changed today!

Today, Alper is not only our in-country trip manager and a lead Wildland guide, he's also a brother ("…from another mother…"); he's as much a member of our own family. You know you'll be treated like family when you go on a Wildland Adventure to Turkey too!

So, it's fitting one of our last Wildland Anniversary Adventures celebrating the 25th anniversary of Wildland Adventures is currently under way in Turkey, and Alper and I are back at it: taking our guests through the narrow alleyways of Istanbul, exploring underground churches and hiking the canyon lands of Cappadocia, and voyaging along the blue Mediterranean in a gulet on our Turquoise Coast Odyssey leading hikes to ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine ruins only accessible on foot from the sea. I invite you to follow along our journey by subscribing to my blog A Life In Travel, or you cna "Like" our Wildland Facebook page and you'll receive my posts from the beautiful places we explore and stories about the local Turkish people we meet along the way.


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Kurt Kutay

Istanbul: At the Epicenter of Civilizations
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