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Ultrathon - Best bug repellent for the bush

Ultrathon - Best bug repellent for the bush

Serious bugs call for a serious bug repellent and 3M's Ultrathon is one of the first things in my pack before heading into the bush. Whether I’m hiking in the Cascades, exploring the jungles of Borneo or on a safari in Botswana, I find this bug repellent to be highly effective at keeping those pesky little bug vampires at bay. I like that it’s effective for up to 12 hrs (it really is) and is sweat and water resistant which means I don’t have to keep reapplying all the time. Also, it comes with a nifty foam applicator on the end so you can easily spread it on without getting your hands all lacquered (ideal for fishing). I’m also OK with the level of Deet in this product (34.34%); meaning it’s strong enough to keep the bugs away but also not so potent that you’re worried about melting through your sleeping bag.

You can easily pick it up at any REI store or find a local retailer nearest you at 3M's website. I recommend about one 1.5oz sponge-top tube per week of travel. If you’d like more information on the countries we visit and our exceptional Wildland Adventure travel itineraries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wildest Regards,

Jeff Stivers

What a wonderful safari in Tanzania
Nothing like a good ole pair of LEECH PROOF SOCKS!

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