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Watch How The Blue Footed Boobies Do It!

Here's a clip from tonight's PBS show Nature featuring none other than the blue footed boobies. Grab a bottle of bubbly with your lover and watch how they do it in the animal kingdom.

Our friend, Chris Morgan, a bear biologist from Bellingham, WA, the Executive Director of Wildlife Media, is now the "chosen one" by Nat Geo to narrate many PBS and Nat Geo nature programs. He's the new David Attenbourgh of nature films, and he makes this mating display in Galapagos really funny.

In fact, he's not unlike many of our Galapagos tour guides who share their amazing knowledge about natural history and evolution in an informed and entertaining style at a level everyone on a Galapagos tour can learn and enjoy. And this clip is too funny!

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