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What's so different about Wildland Adventures' trips to Morocco?

What's so different about  Wildland Adventures' trips to Morocco?

I recently had the opportunity to answer that great question: "What's so different about  Wildland Adventures' trips to Morocco?"

What we do in Morocco (and everywhere else in the world for that matter) is individual and personalized, much different than virtually all other tour companies running adventure trips in Morocco. Our driver/escorts, and local guides we meet up with along the way, will not take Wildland travelers to places without asking.

Travel to Morocco your way on a Wildland Adventure.

For example, before setting out each morning our lead driver/guide, Kamal  Abdelfadil, will show you where you've already traveled, where you are planning to go and do that day,and what your options are to see and do. So, the extent to which you do some additional research as we are planning your itinerary, or simply in anticipation of your trip to Morocco, it will help you to have an idea of places you would like to see. You will be more informed about each place, and together with Kamal (or whichever driver/guide you have), you can actively participate in creating your own adventures each day!

All the driver/guides we work with are informed that they should not judge a place, but leave it open for you to decide together with them once you get to know each other and they get a better idea of your personal interests. For example, one driver one time (who no longer drives for us) interjected his personal opinion to say that a museum wasn't worth seeing and it was one of our favorites, so now there is more discussion and exchange of information that they share.

Exploring hidden kasbahs traveling in Morocco.

The Morocco guides who accompany you on your adventures through the Magreb do not herd anyone. That's just essential to the way we travel in Morocco, in contrast to what most group tours are forced to experience, especially when the other drivers and so incentiveized to take visitors shopping to unscrupulous vendors who pay drivers lucrative commissions. Driver/guides on Wildland Adventures in Morocco are paid more than most and in return they abide by our understanding that they only take you shopping when and where you want to go! 

For more information see our two trips Exotic Morocco Tour and Morocco Adventure, or ask Morocco Program Director, Kurt Kutay, what we can do to design a custom trip to Morocco for you. 

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