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When planning a trip make sure to SPEAK UP!

When planning a trip it is good to sit around the computer for a few minutes and make a ‘wish list’ of what you would like to do and see during the trip. If we do not offer it on one of our group program we are happy to design an custom trip for you, it is normally no more than 5-7% more expensive.  It might be your only vacation week of the year and together we can make it as perfect as possible. You might realize that your 7 year old is really into butterflies and your 9 year old can’t wait to do a zip line canopy tour.  Haven’t grandpa never received a spa treatment, treat him with one!  Do you enjoy cooking and want to learn how to make Gallo Pinto?  We will set it up for you to have a blast cooking the rice and beans recipe.  There is a certain hotel or type of hotel you like?  If food the most important aspect of the trip you don’t want skimp on quality?.  Not only speak up before the trip.  Your guide is like a friend who is showing you the country, talk to him as a friend, do you want to get up at 4:00 a.m. to watch or do a nocturnal walk on the forest around your hotel even though these activities are not part of the itinerary?  Just tell him/her, very likely they will offer it to you anyway.  If you see a fruit stand with really strange-looking, exotic fruit that you feel like trying just ask your guide to make a stop on the next stand, you can have the opportunity to try something different and have a fun cultural interaction.  Guides are people persons, they have dealt with people from all walks of life, it’s like being embarrassed to ask for a restroom stop or a picture stop, they are used to all these things and will be happy to create the right space for you to have the best possible experience, that’s what they do for a living!. 

Especially after the trip, tell us how was the trip, what you felt that could be improved, what we should keep doing because it was great, etc.  You came here to enjoy and we want to help you seize your moments and have the most learning, relaxing, fun experience you can, so LET US HEAR YA!, before, during and after the trip.  
Your local Tica,
Grettel Calderon
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