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Where to go on Safari in Africa Part 3: Notes on guides, family travel and other African adventures

Where to go on Safari in Africa Part 3: Notes on guides, family travel and other African adventures
African Safari Guides
All of our African safari guides are exceptionally trained and experienced professional naturalists, trackers, spotters and drivers. In East Africa, although we make use of some local flight connections, most safaris are overland expeditions in 4WD land cruiser-type vehicles (not minivans) with the same English-speaking, expert driver-guide throughout your itinerary. He will be with you from dawn until dusk, and on some safaris may join you for an evening meal. On Southern African safaris, where fly-in itineraries are more common, guides are often resident naturalists based at the lodges and camps. Because Southern African safari camps are often small, remote and more exclusive, guides usually share meals with guests developing close relations until you move to the next camp where you meet the next resident naturalist.
Family Safaris
In general, East Africa offers more opportunities and greater value for African family safaris. Most camps and lodges accept young children, travel involves fewer flights, and the abundance of wildlife everywhere keeps kids interest piqued. Another advantage in East Africa for kids is the opportunity for unforgettable encounters with Maasai, Datoga and Bushman tribal peoples. Our Serengeti Family Safari is the most popular family safari in Africa.
South Africa family safaris are a wonderful experience with some lodges and camps located in malaria-free areas where anti-malaria medications are not necessary. Many camps outside of South Africa, especially Botswana, Zambia and Namibia, require a minimum age of six years old, and up to age 13 requires private activities while in camp. We recommend South Africa or Kenya/Tanzania for families with younger children.
Child Minimum Age Limits in Africa:
  • Botswana, Zambia Zimbabwe: generally 6-8 depending on the camp; 12 and under often require private activities at an additional charge
  • Walking Safaris: Generally from 12 to 16 but always at the guides’ discretion
  • Gorilla Trekking: 15 years old
Adventures further afield
Wildland also offers itineraries in Ethiopia and Morocco which are characterized by profound cultural interactions and adventurous travel in remote areas. Ethiopia in particular is fascinating, as one of the only African countries that was never colonized by Europeans. The history in Ethiopia, the rock-hewn churches, the rituals, all make for a deeply transformative adventure.
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