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Why India? Why Now?


Why travel to India?
Because India is a country beyond adjectives: colorful, vibrant and exciting is not enough to describe this unique country. The variety of experiences you can have here is never-ending. Where else can you find a noble and stunning white marble monument to love, a wild river where you can spot jackals, crocodiles and river dolphins, and tall brick-making chimneys set among colorful mud-walled villages all within a 2-hour drive?


Why India?
Because India has an amazing variety of wildlife and its National Parks and reserves are some of its best-kept secrets. Wildland's Tigers and Travels in the north includes several reserves where you have an excellent chance of seeing a tiger, not to mention gazelles, deer, wild dogs, monkeys, lemurs and so many beautiful birds. The south is home to elephant herds as well as wildcats, spotted deer, bison, any number of reptiles and birds, which you can experience on our South India Kerala Adventure. You don’t even have to leave the city to see animals as it is not uncommon to find camels, bullocks, and cows sharing the street with trucks, buses and rickshaws! In each of these parks, we use naturalist guides who respect the ecology of the area and give you great detail about what you will find in the forests. We are careful to select accommodations which have high standards. For example, we use Kanha and Bandavgarh Jungle Lodges which were among the first lodges in India dedicated to ecotourism; they were built and operated by the Sankahla family who started Project Tiger, India's first and ongoing tiger conservation initiative.  The people of India will welcome you and the memory of their smiles will likely be among your favorite souvenirs. On India's Royal Rajasthan journey you'll encounter many locals in the villages that we stop in, the family-homes where we share a meal, and at your hotels as Indian's love to travel in their own country. 
Why now?
Because it is easier than ever to travel to India with so many amazing boutique hotels created when Indira Gandhi’s land reform required landowners to break up their large holdings. Palaces and heritage homes were transformed into lovely and personal accommodations. Service is unmatched: you will be greeted with flower petals and welcome fruit drinks and then escorted to your well-appointed rooms. Here you can really feel like a Raja while helping the local economy thrive.  Infrastructure is improving: you can arrive and depart from modern airports, drive smoothly on new highways and fly to all of India’s cities on one of the many, competitively-priced airlines. Now you can cover more of the country in less time.

My name is Laura Finkelstein and I am here to help your plan a trip to India. I am Wildland Adventures’ India Program Director, the person you can call when you have any questions about India and the adventures we can provide for you there. I have become an expert on India, because I so enjoy visiting there. From the first day I stepped off the plane in Mumbai,  I was greeted with warm “Namastes”, and drank my first cup of chai, I was hooked! The essence of this country is truly unique and really wakens your senses. Travel to India and see what makes this region so fascinating!

Want more on India? Check out what's going on with India Week @ www.wildland.com/IndiaWeek
Your friendly India expert,
Laura Finkelstein
Meet Wildland's India Program Director

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