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Soar and Explore New Zealand

Soar and Explore New Zealand

New Zealand is the ultimate escape. Nestled in the Pacific Ocean it's green, peaceful shores are far from heightening political tensions, pollution, and overcrowded shores. It has something for everyone from world class wine to close encounters with little blue penguins to some of the best trekking in middle earth. Here are a few compelling reasons to consider New Zealand for your next adventure:

Right now:

-  Increased flights from the US to New Zealand: Air travel to New Zealand is seeing a 30% increase in capacity this year with added destinations and carriers. Air New Zealand and United both have direct flights from multiple destinations in the US including Houston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. 

- New Zealand is a safe, secure destination. Most issues stem from rival rugby teams 

- The exchange rate is favorable for Americans at the moment and is only expected to get better

Always New Zealand:

- Food, wine, and beer: world class wineries and vineyards, microbreweries serving craft beer, and chefs combining fresh seafood with locally sourced organic produce from quaint farmer's markets make New Zealand a foodie's dream. 

- Maori Culture: vibrant and proud Maori culture can be seen and experienced across New Zealand. Listen closely for Maori language in the streets, watch for a traditional Maori performance, and join in on a hangi (Maori feast) if you have the chance.

- Trekking: New Zealand has treks that span all walks of life from 1/2 day walks along the beach to multi week journeys through old growth forests and up snow capped mountains. With an extensive hut system and luxury lodges scattered across New Zealand's islands you can explore forests, mountain lakes, beaches, and fjords from what feels like the comfort of your own home.

- Wildlife: marine wildlife and birds are the star attractions for New Zealand. You can swim with dolphins and fur seals, waddle close to little blue penguins, visit the only mainland breeding colony of Royal Albatross, and coo over adorable kiwis. Glow worms can be seen across the island and, if you're lucky, you might see the giant sperm whale - the world's largest toothed predator


In the future:

Everyone knows Lord of the Rings was filmed in New Zealand but there's a new kid on the block - Disney's remake of Pete's Dragon. New Zealand is an awesome destination for families and being able to track the trail of Pete and his dragon will only make it more fun. 


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