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Why the whole family will love the Galapagos Islands

Why the whole family will love the Galapagos Islands

Probably 2/3 -3/4 of the travelers I work with on Galapagos Island trips are families. They come to us in all ages and configurations – multi-generational reunions, or a single parent taking a newly-graduated son or daughter on a celebratory trip. Sometimes several families join together for a holiday celebration. If you have not yet considered the Galapagos for your next family holiday, here’s why you SHOULD:

  • The Galapagos have something for everyone – amazing wildlife, incredible landscapes, morning-to-eve activities like hikes, kayaking and snorkeling.

  • All of these great activities are reached via the comfort of a beautiful yacht, with complimentary wetsuits, snorkeling gear and kayaks. Even complimentary wine with delicious dinners. What’s not to like?
  • A visit to the Galapagos Islands makes the best “Show & Tell” subject EVER for your child’s class. Sea lions in mangrove trees and dinghies, snorkeling with penguins (yes, penguins!), volcanic craters and black lava fields, real pirate caves, the stuff of every child’s dreams!
  • Ecuador (home to the Galapagos Islands) is on the US dollar, so no need to change money. They are even on the same electrical current, so all of your electronics work! And Quito is only 3 hours from Miami, on the same time zone, served by all major US carriers.
  • If you have the time before or after the Galapagos, Ecuador is one of the richest
    areas for wildlife in all of South America. Visit Yasuni National Park and search for giant river otters and monkeys. Stay at a gorgeous 16th century hacienda and mountain bike to an Andean Condor rehabilitation project, or Pre-Incan ruins. Pedal an “aerial bike” across the rich canopy of a cloud forest, with hundreds of brilliant birds and other wildlife surrounding you. Ecuador has so much more than even the Galapagos Islands!

Do I have your interest yet? We have special family departures in summer and during school holidays so that your family can join other families with kids or young adults of the same age range. Or, we can help you charter a small yacht for your own private family voyage.

Call me, we’ll make a plan for your Galapagos family adventure.

Keeping it wild,

Sherry Howland  | 800-345-4453
Galapagos Program Director

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