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Why Travel to Nepal in 2016

Why Travel to Nepal in 2016

Traveling to Nepal can be a once in a lifetime adventure. It offers the world’s highest mountain and the deepest valley. Smiling locals welcome you as you trek timeless trails to snow capped mountain giants. Monks circumambulate stupas that have withstood the test of time, and now, earthquakes. Come with us to visit Nepal and support her as she attempts to stand proudly on her feet once again after a devastating earthquake in April 2015. It’s all still there and the places, the people, and the experiences are waiting for you to visit a destination which has been rattled but not broken.

Why Travel to Nepal Now?
1. Less crowds. We believe this is an extraordinary time for travelers to visit Nepal, a time for especially meaningful travel due to the extra hospitality and gratitude, and the recovery’s unique energy, stories and inspiration. The crowds have yet to return to the mountains of Nepal, allowing the unique opportunity to experience the vastness of nature and interact with people who have grown up amongst these snow-clad giants.

2. It needs your help. Tourism is Nepal’s largest source of foreign income. Tourism employs hundreds of thousands of locals and contributes to the economy through goods and services that tourists purchase. Most of Nepal’s rural inhabitants are economically fragile and dependent on tourism that has provided income in remote parts of Nepal for the past 50 years. Tourism is the largest foreign industry in Nepal and at its core is adventure tourism which brings about $500 million each year to local communities in rural Nepal.

“Tourism is crucially important. And for us, it’s an opportunity to go there with reverence and respect and to learn something about ourselves, to realize the privileged position we live in…We increasingly live in a world where we’re disconnected from nature. And nowhere can it be felt more keenly than in a place like Nepal, where you can really feel the energy. It’s a wonderful place where you can go to take stock of modern existence, and modern existence leeches away so much.” Jennifer Peedom – director of the documentary movie Sherpa

How are we helping?
Wildland has partnered with the non-profit 3 Summits, founded by long-time guide and friend Jwalant Gurung. Jwalant has been working tirelessly to help rebuild schools and villages that were hit the hardest in the quake. Through Climb for a Cause a team of Wildland staff hopes to raise the funds to provide solar panels to 5 schools in rural Nepal that have been rebuilt since the quake. Our group will attempt to summit Mt Rainier on July. 3 Summits has been instrumental in raising funds and support for the creation of orphanages and schools in Kathmandu and the countryside 

How can you help?
1. Sign up for our 30th Anniversary Trip to Bhutan and Nepal. Nepal’s economy is tourism-based. Especially after all tours were suspended during peak 2015 tourism months, one of the most important things we can do is inspire travelers to return to Nepal for their 2016 vacations.
2. Climb for a Cause. Donate to our climbing fundraiser or, if you happen to be in the Seattle area in July, join us on a day hike to base camp on day 1 or 3 of our climb. More info coming soon.

Why Trek With Wildland Adventures in Nepal?

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