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Why travel to Nicaragua?


Travel to Nicaragua and enter the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes: a place where local guides will help you discover this region’s grand Spanish colonial heritage, quaint rural villages, friendly native peoples and lush landscapes. Despite its tumultuous political history, the people of Nicaragua have a lasting commitment to peace and prosperity – something they openly share with our travelers, especially families. Nicaragua is also the perfect place to get in touch with your inner-explorer: discover the colorful architecture (and history!) of Leon and Granada, hike one of Nicaragua’s 40 volcanoes, kayak along the shoreline of the largest freshwater lake in the Americas or join one of our naturalist guides to search for monkeys, birds and other wildlife in the rainforests and cloud forests.

Why travel with Wildland Adventures to Nicaragua?

The Guides: We work with the best guides in Nicaragua, young enthusiastic professional bilingual guides who are very family friendly and have a yearning to share their love for their country with travelers looking to learn about its people, history, culture and its magical places including lakes, active and dormant volcanoes, amazing beaches surrounded by forest, hundreds of islands, natural parks to discover exotic wildlife, etc. On your trip you will always have a team of an expert driver to get to your destination safely and a guide who concentrates on wildlife sightseeing, cultural interaction and in making sure you get the most in-depth and memorable experience. In general our guides are the highlight of any trip and our alumni confirms it on every trip:

"David, our guide, could not have been better for our family. He was so knowledgeable about the history of Nicaragua and so proud of his country. He got along great with all of us and the boys loved hanging out with him. He went beyond his job to make us feel comfortable. By the end of the time with him, we were sad to say good-bye. He was outstanding and I would recommend him highly highly highly!" Judy Tallerman and family (2 adults and 4 teens) - Nicaragua Adventure tour on private basis

“Our guides were the highlight of our trip in particular Julio Flores (everyone in our family was in agreement about this!) Julio is incredibly informed about Nicaragua, welcoming, friendly genuine intelligent and lots of fun. He closely paid attention to our individual interests and made adjustments to the schedule. For instance, helped 3 of my kids play pick up basketball games with local kids and arranged for me to meet several local farmers and tour their farms. Our driver, Wilfredo, became a friend as well.” Lichtenfels Family (2 adults and 4 teens) - Nicaragua Custom Trip

The Food: We generously budget for meals on our trips and give our guides the freedom to take you to their favorite places to eat, not the typical tourist fare limited by set menus. This insures that you have an opportunity to try a new Nicaraguan dish every day. The hotels and restaurant offer kid’s menus and we can also accommodate special diets.


“The food was wholesome and very good. Fresh fruit and juices were wonderful and plentiful.”

“Meals were wonderful. The lunch at Dario’s in Granada was one of the most memorable anywhere! Breakfasts at all three hotels were very satisfying.”

Small boutique hotels and ecolodges: We generally prefer to work with places that are well located, offer good personal service and are full of charm and local character where the ambiance of architecture and the nature of the proprietor becomes a part of the Wildland travel experience! On our itineraries we use boutique native-style accommodations including a reconstructed convent from the XVII century, restored colonial buildings, high end nature ecolodges with bungalows open to the ocean, etc.

“The hotels in Leon and Granada were our favorites. The Jicaro ecolodge and lodge on Ometepe Island were wonderful and peaceful.”

“Hotel Plaza Colon was a fabulous, beautiful hotel. Everything about it was first rate – location, inner courtyard, pool, breakfast, the wonderful room, and courteous helpful staff. Just one of the best places ever to stay.”

Freedom to play and interact with the local culture: Although we would plan and make arrangements for a particular itinerary, it would not really be an “organized tour” in the conventional sense in that we conduct our trips with guides who account for the ongoing interests, abilities and feelings of participants from day to day. This is especially true for family travel, finding that right balance between having something planned with a place to call home each day and activities that will engage everyone’s various interests, but at the same time maintaining some flexibility to be in the moment when the desire arises!

We also help many of our travelers who seek to bring donations and help support low-income communities as part of their Wildland Adventure in Nicaragua and live a rich experience of sharing while contributing to the needs of some schools and centers that provide education, food, and healthcare to poor children.

“The highlight was visiting the school in Granada. It was awesome seeing the faces of the kids when they received the school supplies.”

“Thank you for making the donation to the school children. It was absolutely one of my favorite days in Nicaragua. The people of the Islands of Lake Nicaragua - Islets of Granada was so fascinating. We organized all the school supplies and distributed them to each age group. It was so amazing sweet as we shook their hands and handed them their supplies. They were all very thankful and sweet. We were greeted by the head of the school who was so grateful to have us there and very warm. We all left with tears in our eyes-- including David, our tour guide. We watched the kids leave school and board their colorful row boats and begin rowing back home- the older ones rowing the younger ones. It was really amazing.”

More Freedom to tailor you trip along the way: Wildland Adventures' itineraries are a constant adventure with unparalleled opportunities to experience the culture, history and natural sites. We make extraordinary efforts to introduce you to local people and our guides are always willing to changes to your itinerary that allows you to tailor the experience as it occurs to ensure an unforgettable journey.

“Our guide really tailored the trip around who we are as a family. We gave him some last minute challenges which were not easy-- but he made the changes and accommodated our wishes.”

“We enjoyed the spontaneous driving and sightseeing, organized by our wonderful guide Byron Ortega, who took us to tour Rivas, stopping at a small reserve full of howlers on the way, to Morgan’s Rock, to the beaches at Playa Maderas, and to the statue of Jesus de la Misericordia. In Granada we had visited the old train station, the museum of pre Columbian art, the important churches, and the magnificent cemetery. Byron, as I noted above found interesting things for us to do wherever we were. We were amazed at the knowledge of the politics, geography, flora and fauna, and history of the country. His knowledge base was truly encyclopedic. He was also a really nice easy –going respectful fellow.”

Still very pristine: It is part of the Nicaragua charm. We have the opportunity to see how local communities and traditions still survive in the modern times, especially at the Ometepe Island where most people are still living a very traditional lifestyle consisting of agriculture and raising livestock. As a result, the roads are populated primarily by cows, horses, chickens, goats, pigs, and dogs. Here don’t expect to find many vehicles driving, but be ready to be stopped by one of the many animal crossings!!.

“Nicaragua was exactly what I dreamed it would be - off the beaten path but very comfortable. One of the reasons we wanted to visit Nicaragua was that it isn't yet Americanized (no Starbucks or McDonalds!). If you don't mind giving up a few modern conveniences, this is a trip well worth taking.”

“We loved not having lots of tourists to deal with and only the natural world was easily accessible. It was a great trip all around.”

Small groups: We depart with a minimum of 2 people and the maximum is normally 12 (about 3 families traveling together) to deliver a very personalized experience.

Safety: Nicaragua is a friendly and peaceful country that at times received an undue share of negative press, now it is considered of the safest places to visit in Central America. I’ve traveled myself alone 3 times and I’ve always felt very safe. Everywhere you go you are received by friendly smiles and welcoming hospitality. The areas in Nicaragua that you’ll be exploring have a well established tourist infrastructure. You will be traveling in private transportation with knowledgeable guides who are keenly aware of local safety conditions to make sure that your family is able to have an enjoyable time visiting the beautiful Nicaragua regions.

“Nicaragua was safe, beautiful…warm.”

“Nicaragua is safer and easier than you would expect. We felt comfortable wandering around the towns at night. At no time did we fear for our safety.”

This is the time to visit Nicaragua! WHY WAIT???

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