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Why visit Cape Town with a guide?

Why visit Cape Town with a guide?

We asked our Cape Town guide Doug Thompson, pictured here with his wife Sarah, to tell us why Cape Town, and why Cape Town with a guide.

Why Cape Town ?

Cape Town is the perfect gateway to Southern Africa. It's a gentle landing for those travelers who are on their first adventure to Africa. Many guests are surprised at its cosmopolitan feel , its vibrancy and the Mediterranean atmosphere. It is unmistakably Africa, but for those heading into 'darkest' Africa on safari , it offers a colorful arrival that often takes ones' breath away. Cape Town has the variety of settings that few other cities offer. Within a radius of 40 minutes drive, one can experience spectacular coastline, majestic mountains, semi-arid ecozones, and the beautiful winelands. As far as cities go ( 4.5 million people) , we can get out of the city onto the beach, into the forest, up the mountain or into a vineyard incredibly quickly. Our guests say that a trip to Southern Africa would be a lot less rewarding without a visit to the 'Mother City'.

Cape Town offers so much for everyone. One Wildland traveler said, "Cape Town has beaches - like Miami on steroids. Cape Town has beautiful drives - like Italy on steroids. Cape Town has cuisine - like New York on steroids. Cape Town has winelands - like Napa on steroids" .

This pretty much sums it up . Where on earth can you visit a city and see one of the new 7 natural wonders (Table Mountain) , visit world class vineyards and beaches, and at the same time have the chance to see whales, sharks, baboons and many other species of animals. Cape Town is a perfect extension to any trip to Southern Africa: a perfect start to a dream safari experience, or a great way to wind up before heading home.

Is a guide in Cape Town really worth it? 

Many of our guests debate this question before booking Cape Town with Wildland Adventures. Once you come and experience the efficiency with which I share such a variety of sites and activities, you'll conclude a guided trip is the way to go. I have guests that have met other travelers on excursions around Cape Town and when they start swapping stories they realize how much more they experienced, in a shorter time, and with a great deal less stress! Above all else, on Township tours and all around town, I make sure our guests have the opportunity to engage with real South Africans, often with my own family when schedules allow! I always take into account the individual interests and preferences of Wildland travelers, like the time when I took a family of soccer fans to the pub to watch a match. And many guests tell me how much they were moved when I recount the day in the main square watching Nelson Mandela's first public address out of prison. I was so proud of my country, and all of us there together, blacks and whites, were full of hope!

One of my goals is this: When guests leave Cape Town I want them to feel as if they have just been shown around a city by a friend, as opposed to a guide. That's when I feel I have done my job well. One can easily visit a city and see the sights, but it's not so easy to immerse oneself in the culture, or get to know the people. With Wildland Adventures, that will never happen!  

Visit Cape Town with Doug on our Cape to Kruger Safari or as an extension to a safari anywhere in Southern Africa on our Cape Town Extension.

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