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Wild Love: A True Story

Wild Love: A True Story
"They say that in order for a marriage to last a long time you have to fall in love over and over again."
That's exactly what we did on our last trip with Wildland Adventures when we planned to travel to Peru. As you can see, my husband John is a professional photographer. As a result, I can never, ever get a hug on vacation without some serious rib bruising! HA! So if I want a hug, I just hug his back. Keeping humor in a marriage helps too! Despite seeing numerous pictures of Machu Picchu, we were blown away.  Stunning.  We were very happy that we added an extra day to be together in the Sacred Valley – amazing. 
 Photo by John J. Lopinot

When we were on the Peru Amazon adventure we were all on a constant lookout for jaguar. Fiorella , our guide, and I were sitting in the back of the canoe one morning on the Madre de Dios River. We both saw the jaguar come out of the water and walk up the beach towards the jungle. We tried so hard to point it out to the other fellow travelers but it was just too fast - they are like phantoms. I knew we had a wonderful guide when I went to high five her and she gave me a wimpy high five back. She looked down and said "I'm just sorry everyone didn't get to see it". Her heart was truly into sharing the rare experience with everyone. I will never, ever forget her. It may have even meant more to me than seeing the jaguar! It's sharing fun moments like that with the one you love that make a trip even more special than it already was.

Now we have trip to Turkey planned with Wildland Adventures and I already got that feeling of falling in love all over again this morning when I saw John sitting at the kitchen counter with his map, multicolored markers, papers strewn everywhere and a big wide grin as he studied the maps that Laura Finkelstein sent us. Just too cute!


Susan Lopinot
You can take a look at John's photos from our trip here: http://www.johnjlopinot.com/peru---machu-picchu-and-the/
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