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Wildland Staff's Favorite Travel Bags

Wildland Staff's Favorite Travel Bags

Recently I was packing for a month-long trip overseas, and I was sure to take my go-to "extra" daypack - an Outdoor Research Dry Peak Bagger - for whatever adventures were to greet me on my journey. I love this bag because it's super lightweight, durable, completely waterproof and takes up no room whatsoever in my regular suitcase. I use it for all my roadtrips, active adventures and international travel too. It made me wonder what bags other avid travelers can't live without.  So I started my research with the Wildland staff and here's what they had to say:

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Kelsey, Wildland's Asia program director, can't live without her Longchamp purse. "The same one has been through over 12 countries and is my trustiest companion. Thick shoulder strap so you can sling it on one shoulder or across + difficult to cut. Lightweight but super surable nylon. Big enough to throw whatever you want in there (even a laptop) but if it’s almost empty it doesn’t look ridiculously large. The zip closure on top ensures everything is nicely secured within."

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As Wildland's South America program director, Gretchen has literally spent years roaming throughout South America, exploring the most wild and remote places imaginable. Her favorite bag is a JanSport Superbreak backpack. She says, "You can’t go wrong with a classic. There's no fancy bells or whistles and not to mention, it's the least expensive of the Wildland staff picks! I take this bag with me everywhere and it's never let me down. Doesn't call attention, fits everything I need and is comfortable. I've been rocking this bag since the third grade and I don't plan to stop now!" 

Jonathan, Wildland's marketing director, is never far from his camera so his pick is no surprise. "Mountainsmith Borealis is by farb2ap3 thumbnail Mountainsmith Borealis cutout the best camera pack I have ever owned and I find myself loving it more every trip. Besides being extremely well-built, it holds a ton of gear including a laptop and remains comfortable even with a full load. Having a good camera pack is essential to enduring days or weeks of lugging your gear. It also holds a full-sized tripod with exterior straps and even comes with a built-in waterproof rain cover. The rain cover is especially nice to have when traveling in busy areas so no one can access your pack while walking by. 

What's YOUR favorite travel bag? Comment below and let us know what we need to check out for our next Wild adventure!

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