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Luggage Tag Contest | Winning Morocco Photo of Man and Camel


Cathy has traveled with up many times and we were thrilled to choose her beautiful photo from Morocco as one of the 8 alumni winners. Here's why she went to Morocco and how she got this photo in her own words:

I was inspired to go to Morocco because I read about how exotic it was, looked at Wildland's trip description and decided this was the place to go because it has lots of culture ( I love learning about different cultures) and delicious food. 

Morocco was one of my most favorite trips with Wildland. The guides took care of me like I was family, watched out for me, educated me, even asked if the music they were playing on the radio was ok, (it was middle eastern pop, and I loved it). They took me all over the country, hiking, walking thru' bazaars, mingling with the natives, including several homemade dinners. The food was "out of this world" delicious, no one cooks like the Moroccans! My guides led me thru cities, mountainside, country, desert, seaside, historical places, pointed out specific ethnic customs and cultural norms. Every night in the different hotels, tents and Riads was a treat to the eye, the nose, and the palate.

I took this photo in the Sahara; I got up pre-dawn and took a camel ride to see the sunrise coming up over the dunes. I love sunrise/sunset shots and coming to Morocco I had thought it would be really cool to have a silhouette of a native and a camel as the sun was coming up. I thought I had my chance at sunrise, but the angles just weren't right no matter what I tried so sunrise was over and we were heading back and I was farther down the dune than the guide and camel. I just happened to turn around and because I was lower, the sun wasn't above the dune yet and there was my Tuareg guide and the camel Perfect!! I yelled wildly "STOP!!!!" (he probably thought I was insane!) and "take picture!" The camera flare was just an added bonus I didn't even realize until after I processed the photos later.

Whenever I think of this trip and Morocco, I have wonderfully warm, peaceful and joyous feelings. There was just so much to overwhelm the senses. Thank you so very much for choosing this photo. I wasn't even going to enter, not thinking I had anything good enough.


Cathy Grey

Interested in a trip to Morocco? Give us a call at 800-345-4453 or see our trips to Morocco.

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