Women of Wildland Talk Travel – Part 1 in a series

Women of Wildland Talk Travel – Part 1 in a series

Wildland Adventures was founded on the principle of travel being a force for good in this world –this is true not just for the communities that we visit and the natural spaces we journey through, but for our travelers as well. Being a single traveler should not impede your ability to grow, transform, and experience new lands so Wildland’s women’s trips are designed to help wild ladies sync up with like-minded companions and explore the world.

The women who work here at Wildland each have stories about how travel has transformed them and we’ll be sharing these in order to inspire you to set out on your own adventure – with friends or without!

Grettel Calderon is Wildland’s Latin America Program Director and she knows how travel can change you at your core.

“In 2010 I took a journey to Rwanda and Tanzania, and was a part of a small group with a family with two teenagers. I was so taken by the kids in Rwanda, and the meaningful interactions between us all, that it left an indelible mark on my heart. The local children were so welcoming, trusting and loving even in the face of their relative poverty. Even when working hard on household chores like transporting water, often while carrying their younger siblings on their back, they were cheerful. Their dark skin contrasted with their big electric smiles as they ran up to greet me yelling ‘muzungu, muzungu!” The reminders were everywhere, every day about how little I need to be happy. It was a connection beyond words and my heart just cracked open. To this day I can still feel the warmth of their smiles inside me.”

About Wildland Adventures’ women’s trips:
Wildland Adventures uses our deep knowledge creating authentic experiences around the globe to create these itineraries just for ladies. Our women’s trips might include cultural interactions, multi-sport adventures, cooking classes, yoga retreats, visiting women’s co-ops, a ritual blessing from a monk or shaman, a relaxing spa experience, music or dance performance, and much more to intrigue or inspire you. Immerse yourself in local cultures and communities and feel safe traveling with a female Wildland escort and our expert local guides.

Learn more about our adventure trips for women, or email us to learn more about joining one of our women’s trips. And if you need another kind of solo-travel inspiration, check out our Travelers Wanted page where we’re connecting all adventurous solo travelers.

Bien Viaje ladies!

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