Women of Wildland Talk Travel: Part 2

Women of Wildland Talk Travel: Part 2

Wildland Adventures was founded on the principle of travel being a force for good in this world –this is true not just for the communities that we visit and the natural spaces we journey through, but for our travelers as well. Being a single traveler should not impede your ability to grow, transform, and experience new lands so Wildland's women's trips are designed to help wild ladies sync up with like-minded companions and explore the world.

The women who work here at Wildland each have stories about how travel has transformed them and we'll be sharing these to inspire you to set out on your own adventure – with friends or without!

Pam Perry is Wildland's Program Manager, and has a special affinity for Latin America and Asia. 

What kinds of experiences define adventure travel for you?

For me, adventure travel is all about creating opportunities for authentic engagement… with the people, landscapes and culture. The "adventure" is in leaving room to be spontaneous to experience new things, and not having every moment scheduled. My favorite moments when traveling include turning down a side street and meeting the owner of a small shop, literally getting off the beaten path and hiking into a remote area with stunning views and communicating via the universal language of smiles and laughter.

How has travel transformed you?

In 2008, I was burned out on my long-term job at a Seattle-area public relations firm and decided that I needed to get out of my rut and take an extended trip, which had been my life dream for more than 20 years. I left the day before the first bank collapsed in September 2008 and spent a year hiking the Himalayas in Nepal , studying Buddhism in India, meeting relatives in Poland, volunteering on a sea turtle conservation project in Costa Rica and immersing myself in the Spanish language in Guatemala. I came home from that trip literally changed: every cell in my being told me that I really understood the transformative power of travel and that I needed to use that knowledge to create trips to help others experience the same kind of transformation.

Do you like drinking wine?

Is that a trick question? Oh, I definitely enjoy a glass of wine (or two) at the end of the day. I got to travel to Chile last year for the Adventure Travel World Summit and really discovered why Malbec's are the star in the South American wine world. Maybe even more than drinking the wine, I really appreciate meeting the wine makers and feeling their pride in their finished product. 

Want to join other women Chile and Argentina this fall? Space is still available for this small group tour (12 max) so reserve your spot on our Women's Active Wine Adventure today.

Keeping it wild,

Anne Kutay

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